Various Artists - Irma House Classics

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Irma House Classics
Since early 90’s Irma Records was a main point of reference for DJ’s around the world, thanks to the various releases of Artists like Double Dee, Don Carlos, Nikita Warren, Datura and Jestofunk, the list could go on….
The best dance DJ’s who made 'clubbers’ dance all around the globe with these Productions that we can now define as House Music ‘classics'.
Irma Dancefloor is the name of the brand that is resurfacing all the 'Classics' from the Label and release a series of compilations which will help us to relive those years and help the younger listener to discover that unique 'sound’ , appreciated in Clubs all around the world, which is still today a main source of inspiration for those who keep on producing House music !
1) What You Need . . . - Soft House Company 05:08
2) I Need You (Original Mix) - Nikita Warren 11:14
3) Say It Ag
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