Wolfram Brunke "Stop Your Fever" 1973 Germany Private Soul Jazz Funk, Euro funk

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Wolfram Brunke ‎ "Jubel Trubel Heiserkeit" 1973 Germany rare private Soul Jazz Funk, Euro funk masterpiece

Essential 'library' album by Gary Pacific here recording under his Wolfram Brunke alias. Commisioned by Bayer AG to promote drugs for flue, fever and similar dreads you get killer tracks like Toxicoloxy-Choco Baby, Stop Your Fever and E. Coliton Alpha. Surely something this funky will keep most winter illnesses at bay.

An album that comes out a little out of nowhere. Originally it was an order from the very nice producer of medocs Bayer maybe sold with an aspirin tube. What is more likely is that it was sold at evenings (Bayer made acids?) - cf photos inside.
In any case, Bayer did not go through there for the music happily. It is Wolfram Brunke who is also known as the Gary Pacific Group who has at least one album on the German label Selected Sound

There are also other tracks on the label of illus' Bosworth (Broad Spectrum Sunrise under the name of Galaxy-Bosworth BLP 146-, Stop Your Fever under the name Knitting-Bosworth BLP 135-, E Colitron Alpha Under the name Blue Onion - Bosworth BLP 135). These are the pieces that stand out with Direct Action. In fact all the pieces composed by Wolfram Brunke are excellent. The rest of the tracks are repeats of the Beatles more or less successful.

I'm gonna share the best record I discovered this year. Just absolute perfection, this private press advertisement record from the German chemical company Bayer is beyond amazing. At least one of the songs, "Stop Your Fever" was released on the Bosworth Library, "BLP 135 Movement In Rhythm" under the title "Knitting". And for some strange reason every other jam is an instrumental Beatles cover but the Beatles are my favorite band so that's cool with me. AAH, Holy shit the production is amazing as well, I don't know how they got that sax sound, mind blowing! So this holiday season when my family asks me if I saw the season finale of "The Voice" cause they know I like music and all and I tell them, "Well right now I'm kinda more into Funky German Advertisement Records" and they respond like I'm a maniac, you guys will know what I'm talking about. HA HA! So I'll catch you guys on the new year and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and all that other bullshit. ......by...Chris.......
Jazz-funk, Soul Funk, euro funk



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